Autism is a family matter

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‘’UNITED FOR AUTISM’’ is the name of the project have started the 2nd of April and until 21st May, seven dates to bring public policies to the centre for families with children with autism, building communities that are close to caring for growth, sociality, relationships and all aspects of the daily life of children with autism and their families.
This is the sense of the awareness campaign that the social cooperatives Team – Ti Educa a Migliorare, Controvento, le associazioni Autismo Oltre, Nasininsù, La Libellula, il Dipartimento di Salute Mentale di Catania e il Centro educativo Balù promote World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd 2021.
For the day of awareness on autism seven organizations in Sicily (IT) that work together to build common paths to promote a culture attentive to autism, where often there are complexities in finding communities prepared to include – and not only welcome – people living in the “new disability”.
How many spaces and places in Sicily are prepared to welcome and experience the need for autonomy of families with child with autism? How are school, education, culture, training and sociality placed at the center of the political agendas?
The seven organizations, which have been dealing with autism in Sicily for a long time, launch a specific and direct proxy to local administrators: to be promoters of a path that brings together the real needs of people with autism, to create social infrastructures that make the inclusive territories and contrast the exclusion and marginalization to which families with autism are often forced to live.
Despite the great openness to the issues of inclusion, indeed, we certainly need to do more. From school, promoting the culture of neuro-diversity, to the home by supporting families with innovative and specialized models, with particular attention to the issue of caregivers and their involvement in the rehabilitation paths of children with autism.
And if training will be the glue that accompanies us to generate a cultural and educational change, we need to build spaces for comparison and dialogue between all the forces in the field. For this reason from 10th April to 21th May 2021 the seven organizations promote a program of online training initiatives that respond to these needs.
Some of the issues that families and professionals will face are Communication in autism, autonomy and home, the rights of families, the school that welcomes and includes but also health.
Everyone can be the protagonists and actors of this “small and great social revolution”. From today and during the whole month of April it is possible to show your commitment to autism themes using the Facebook motif entitled “World Day for Awareness of Autism”.