The IPAT Module will be developed as a standard training package to be designed using the results of the literature review and of the Focus groups.

The findings emerging from the research were translated into the skeleton of the IPAT module: seven basic topics plus an extra one were identified. Namely, partners agreed that the following will be addressed:

1. What is autism

2. Therapeutic approach

3. Legal and ethical issues and rights

4. The lived experience of the family

5. Parent’s interaction with the child

6. Social inclusion and autonomy

7. Sexuality

8. Management of behaviours of concern.

The  IPAT Training Module will be delivered to a total of 64 parents  ( in a group of 16  in each partner country), in a 24 hours’  total duration Parents’ Training Activity, to be moderated by 2 moderators in each country group.

The IPAT Module and training material developed in the form of Powerpoint presentations will be translated in the languages corresponding to the 4 partner countries: Greek, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.