The documentation of results is guided by the need to document the effectiveness of a new training Module, the usefulness & acceptance of a new self-training tool & the satisfaction of the users. The  64 parents participating in the Parents’ Training activity will be administered a parental stress scale and a self-perceived quality of life questionnaire before and after the training. Furthermore, they will be invited to participate in a satisfaction survey,  after the training and after using the IPATT self – training digital tool.  Similarly, the 24 parents that will only participate in the testing of the self-Training digital tool-IPATT- will also be invited to take the respective satisfaction survey.  A  paper to be submitted in a peer-reviewed international scientific journal will be prepared.

An internal evaluation will be conducted. The evaluation and final report are guided by the known need to record & critically appraise the procedures & methods used in each project, the challenges encountered and reaching the objectives set.

The conclusions & recommendations will be useful for guiding the partner countries in their future partnerships and collaboration among new partners in other projects.