The IPAT focus group in Italy took place on the 20th of March 2021

ipat focus group italy 2
ipat focus group italy 1
IPAT focus group Italy

The project IPAT – Integrative Parents’ Autism Training funded by Erasmus+, already started in January, has the ultimate goal to improve the training and awareness of parents in the management of the needs of people with ASD through accessible and effective training, motivating parents to use valid self-training approaches to cope with different stages of life and with the aim of defending the rights and increasing the social inclusion of people with autism.
After the first phase of comparison between the various participating organizations, in which policies and practices active on the topic of autism in each country were discussed and analyzed, in Italy,

ipat focus group italy 2
the online focus group with families of people with ASD was organized on the 20th of March 2021. Families fruitfully made themselves available to share their life experiences, their problems faced daily and their needs, providing their invaluable contribution, will help organizations to collect the basic data needed for the development of IPAT training and evaluation tools.

Another meeting will be held in the coming weeks with all participating organizations to share the findings from the focus groups and to develop crucial tools and resources that will support parents of people with autism and help improve their quality of life.