IPATT Digital Tool content

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The IPATT digital tool will allow parents to access training content focused on their empowerment as active and qualified agents in the management of the needs and challenges that their children present in their daily functioning. Parents are the direct beneficiaries of the tool, and indirectly their children.
IPAT aims to increase awareness about the role and importance of parental training in the global management of the needs of autistic people, to increase accessibility to effective training, to motivate parents to use a valid self-training approach at different stages of life, in order to advocate for the rights and social inclusion of autistic individuals and eliminating stigma.

The IPATT Digital Tool is divided in 7 Meetings with the following titles:

Meeting 1. What is Autism
Meeting 2. Therapeutic Approach
Meeting 3. Lived Experience
Meeting 4. Parent’s interaction with the child for an enhanced quality of life for families with a member with ASD
Meeting 5. Social Inclusion and Autonomy
Meeting 6. Puberty and Adulthood
Meeting 7. Legal Issues and Rights
Meeting 8. Additional Practical Guidance and Closure

Each Meeting will include 4 Lectures and an Interactive Exercise.

Multiplier events are being planned in each partner country at the end of the project, in order to disseminate the results, make the IPAT Module and self-learning digital tool known among parents and professionals and promote their use.