The Child and Adolescent’s Center-CAC-  is a non-governmental, civil non-profit organisation, providing mental health services to children, adolescents , adults and families for the last  25 years,   founded in the island of Chios,  Greece, in 1996, with the aim to provide high quality mental health services to the local community .

The  mandate and activities of the  Child and Adolescent’s Center  rise from  the principles of social and community based  psychiatry: prevention, early diagnosis, treatment/rehabilitation /case management, continuity of care, associated with scientific research, training ,  health and community  education programs and interventions ,while  promoting  social inclusion and  elimination of the stigma related to mental disorders in the   community.

The Centre actually counts  a total of 6 clinical departments in Chios and in Athens metropolitan region , the department for Scientific documentation and education and the administration department, including   a total of 106 staff members in its human resources.

The  Child and Adolescent’s Center has been granted the status of  certified Institution of Social Care Services since  2005, also included in the National Register of Greek and Foreign Non-Governmental Organisations, active in the field of international protection, immigration and social inclusion, since 2017.

During its 25 years’ continuous functioning and ongoing development , the Centre has provided service to a total of  more than 8.500 individual users  of all ages and families . In addition,  since 2015, more than 1000 mental health and education professionals have participated in our  continuous education training courses. Overall, more than 60% of the participants and almost 80% of the training hours referred  to courses focusing to ASD.

The  CAC bears a long experience with service provision to autistic individuals:  The  Day Center in Athens provides service  to adolescents & young adults  15-22 years of age with ASD of medium & low functionality since 2008. The Day Centre is integrated  in  the ““Psychargos ogramme, aiming  at the psychiatric reform and deinstitutionalisation  in Greece, funded and supervised by the Ministry of Health. Active   family support, community education & developing a network of volunteers, are also included in the services provided .

Shorter duration services are being provided for the last 25 years by the Department for Children & Adolescents in Chios, addressing individuals  aged 2-18  with  a larger spectrum of childhood mental & developmental disorders, including ASD. Last but not least, the Specialised Centre for Autism Diagnosis & Treatment “Ilianthos” in Athens provides services, since 2013, exclusively to users with ASD:  individual counselling , psycho-education, group programs and  community based  programmes, rehabilitation and  recreational activities,  aiming at developing social skills, fighting   stigma & promoting the wellbeing of our users & their families.


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