Cooperativa Sociale Controvento Onlus is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 in Catania (Sicily, Italy) by a team of young professionals working in the socio-psychological and educational field committed to invest resources and skills on their own territory, sharing the idea to create services aimed at promoting the social inclusion and quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities and protecting the exercise of autonomy.

The Cooperative promotes the culture of diversity through the realization of a wide range of activities, such as:

  • socio-educational activities for children with psycho-social problems or disabilities;
  • educational paths for autonomy (personal, social and external) addressed to youngsters with Down syndrome, intellectual disability and autism;
  • Projects to promote youngsters with disabilities’ independent living
  • work integration paths for disabled or disadvantaged people;
  • educational paths for minors; support and advice for families.
  • Going through the innovative educational methodologies which have been developed at national and international levels in recent decades, the Cooperative has invested in the continuous training of its professionals, embracing and integrating two methodological approaches:

– The AIPD (Italian Association for people with Down’s syndrome) Methodology: a virtuous model of autonomy paths created in 1989 and spread at a national and European level for the full social, cognitive and expressive development of people with Down Syndrome.

– The ABA Methodology: an American model of behaviour analysis that has shown remarkable progress in the treatment of the autistic syndrome.
The integration of such methodology is used to reach our main purpose: to design and carry out tailor-made activities aimed at supporting people with cognitive disability to acquire the tools, skills and competencies needed to achieve their independence and consequently, their social and working inclusion. So, our approach is the key to ensure autonomy and inclusion for persons with disabilities.

Besides, our methodology is also focused on creating and promoting local networks that have a strong impact on persons with disabilities’ independent living.
Their local network is made of an integrated network of professionals (Sociologists, neuropsychiatrists, support teachers, school referents etc.) and educational communities (families included). The synergy between such actors is crucial for providing and ensuring tailor-made and effective activities aimed to promote independent living. To conclude, Controvento is also committed to realizing educational programma based on ABA -Applied Behavioral Analysis Approach for managing cognitive/behavioural interventions and developing new learning opportunities.

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