Autism Burgos is a parental Association (a non-profit organisation) that was constituted in 1.984 in order to promote the well-being and the quality of life of the persons with autism and of his families. The Association gets this aim through the creation, the development and/or the optimisation of the necessary services to give a response to the specific needs of the persons with autism.

We are employed at the line of developing a permanent collaboration with institutions public and private of the educational, social and sanitary fields. We support narrow contacts with other Associations of social fields and emphasise professional development and training in the area of the disability and autism.

Services provided:
• Assessments of special and specific needs of people with ASD
• School services
• High Functioning Autism Program: APITEA
• Parents´ support
• Day Centre for Adults
• Leisure time program
• Residential Service to improve independent life and family support
• Assessment to parents and professionals
• Training & research on IT
• Design and Development of special software
• Diagnostic Service
• Early attention service
• BBMIRADAS: Baby Lab Program for early screening and intervention in babies

Research and technical team in BBMIRADAS Project: ASD early screening and intervention using eye-tracker technology.
Pedagogical development: El viaje de Elisa, 2017 design of a serious game to raise awareness about ASD in education.
Coordination and development of programs to promote robotics, scientific and technological talent in people with autism since 2014 through specific teams involved in First Lego League Project
Coordination and development of educational innovation programs through the use of apps. Finally, I would like to mention another project that helps people with Asperger’s Syndrome with their transition into higher education. The innovative TECNOarTEA project (started in 2012 and ongoing), operates under the larger UBUtalent project as a joint venture between the University of Burgos and the autism association Autismo Burgos, which provided the idea for the program. The aim of these projects has been to focus on the strengths and talents of students on the autism spectrum, rather than their limitations. We have involved several universities and professionals in different fields related to technology and art and created enrichment classes at the universities for children and adolescents with ASD, ages six to sixteen. With the help of these projects, young people can get in touch with new professional training opportunities, and engage in a practical and visual way of learning. Each child or adolescent develops their project every year, and these projects are showcased in a seminar for young researchers and talented children. The children also visit different faculties and centres of art and science. Aims and objectives The Association bases all his programs of attention and actions on the lines of scientific evidence and the most innovative and accredited models on this field. Our approach consists of promoting personal skills and of wealth-producing participation in the bosom of the community. We consider that the education applied to all the areas of the life of the individual is the best tool to contribute to the achievement of the above-mentioned ends. We think that, given the severe difficulties that the person with autism has, it is necessary to provide him with attention: global, that includes all the areas of the life of the individual (education, leisure, work, independent life). We try to give lifelong answers, adopting this approach to all the stages of his vital cycle and the significant variability of the disorder, as well as applied education, promoting generalisation in inclusive environments.

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