What’s next after the literature review and the focus groups?


The IPAT Intellectual Output 1 was completed in April 2021.



The findings from both the literature review and the focus groups have been used in the formulation of suggestions for the development of the IPAT module, whose design is currently in progress, with a view to the training of 64 parents of autistic individuals (16 participants from each one of the four partner countries) taking place in January-April 2022.

IPAT project partners are now working on the development of the IPAT module that will touch on the ten themes identified during the research. The content will be organized in a 24 hours’ training activity and it will be translated into the 4 languages of the partner countries.  After the end of the Parents’ training activity, IPAT partners will implement evaluation and assessment sessions that will refer to the challenges encountered, country-specific particularities, potential cultural issues raised, lessons learnt, remaining needs, suggestions for adaptation of the IPAT module. In this way, the material developed will respond to the needs of parents and will be transferable to other contexts.

Parallelly, the Integrative Parents’ Autism self-Training digital tool-IPATT- structure and content, will be developed based on the IPAT Module and the respective needs assessment carried out during the research, in association with our previous experience and expertise. The digital–technical part will be developed as an interactive user-friendly platform to assist the acquisition or refreshment of knowledge, skills and attitudes while allowing the identification of remaining training needs. The content will be presented in an appropriate form, promoting interaction and it will be made available in the four languages of the partner countries.

The next months of the IPAT project will be devoted to the development of the content in preparation for the parents’ training planned for the beginning of 2022. Plenty of resources and opportunities are going to be shared by the IPAT partnership, stay tuned and share the upcoming news with your network.